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Self Storage Supplies

We sell a wide selection of supplies to help make your self storage project as simple as possible. Check out the list below to see what we have in our inventory. Call our office any time to inquire about availability and pricing.



Moving & Packing Supplies Description  

Small: 16”x12”12”



Medium: 18”x18”x16”


Large: 24”x18”x24”


XL: 24”x18”x48”


TV box: 24”x24”x20”



Flat TV box: 46”x8”x30”


Electronics box: 20”x20”x12”


Picture/mirror box: 37”x4”x60”


Large picture/mirror box: 48”x4”60”

Packing Supplies:    
Cotton Gloves

Packing Paper

10 lbs/140 Sheets


  Packing Peanuts  

Bubble Roll



Boxed Bubble Wrap


  Stretch Tape  


55 Yards 


Tape Gun

Hand Held


3-pack tape w/cutter


Poly Rope





  Ratchet Tie-Down  

Chair Covers

Plastic Cover


Sofa Cover

Plastic Cover


Dust Covers

Plastic Cover


Twin Mattress Cover

  Full Mattress Cover
  Queen Mattress Cover

King Mattress Cover


Dish Kit

Fits in small box


Glass Kit

Fits in small box